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After a 2-hour read, you'll be able to achieve 90%+ code coverage in an easy, maintainable way.

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About The Book

"Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest" is a 93-page book that teaches you:

  • Start with TDD by testing your APIs

  • Achieve near 100% code coverage using Pest

  • Survive the testing jargon. You can test 90% of your app without mocks, fakes, test doubles, spies and complicated concepts like these.

  • Write standardized requests and responses using JSON API

  • Create developer-friendly APIs using nested resources

  • Utilize PHP 8.1 enums with the factory and the strategy design pattern

  • Use simple, yet powerful concepts from Domain-Driven Design

  • ...and a lot more about API design

All of the above by practical examples. In the book, we'll build a payroll application where we'll face real-world challenges.

What's inside

Table of Contents

The book has three main parts: fundamentals, design, implementation.

The Fundamentals

23 pages

The first section of the book focuses on the basics. It shows you what is TDD, REST API, and JSON API.

The Design

6 pages

The second section shows you how to design a simple payroll application.

The Implementation

60 pages

This is where we start coding and testing! We'll build an employee management and payroll app.

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Who Am I?

👋 Hey!I'm Martin Joo, a PHP developer since 2012. I'm also a content creator, blogger, and author of:

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As you can see, I really love Laravel. I'm also sharing everything I know about development on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, for 30 days! Just reach out to me at martin@martinjoo.dev, and you'll get your money back. I'll only ask you why didn't you like the product.

Can I upgrade from one package to another later?

Yes! Just drop me an e-mail at martin@martinjoo.dev, and I'll create you a discount code, so you only have to pay the difference between the two packages.

Is there an epub or mobi format?

Right now, every content ships in PDF format. The reason is simple: each PDF contains a ton of code examples. These code examples look very nice in a PDF where I can use HTML to format the pages.epub and mobi kind of mess this up, so this is why I exported everything in PDF.However, if you cannot live without these formats, drop me an e-mail, and I can export a copy for you.